Yeah… saying no to work-out apps


Screw you workout apps!

When I created the Britney Spears + Jessica Alba Work Out Routine I was determined to use an app to track my progress and reps.  After doing this work out a few times — honestly, less than I am proud to admit — I have sworn off work-out apps! I was using Gym Geek, but found it wasted SO MUCH of my previous gym time trying to record the information. I would run on the treadmill and then have to spend a whole minute logging the information. I know a minute does not seem like a lot of time, but for all the different exercises it really does add about 20 minutes to the work-out. And let’s be truthful here — I have a hard enough time getting my ass to the gym, I don’t need to spend the next an extra 20 minutes calculating my reps.

As an alternative I decided to try my iPhone Notes. Yep, that free little notebook that comes with your iPhone and uses that awful Comic Sans font on fake yellow lined paper. To my amazement, I love it! Sometimes easy is the best way.


Use iPhone Notes to track work-outs

My advice, screw all those work out apps and just keep it simple. I do still love Ab Workout App!

Since I now have a wedding dress to look good in, look forward to more DIY work-out tips and tricks. I don’t want to end up like this guy!


love, Sarah


One thought on “Yeah… saying no to work-out apps

  1. Haha. My favorite part is about how awful iPhone Notes is! lol. So true… I agree with what you are saying though. Between workout apps and calorie tracking apps (which I’m not sure why I ever make an attempt, considering I never count my calories) it’s just too much time!! If I took that extra 20 minutes a day to just work out, I would be in better shape! I have to say, the exercise routine that has been the most success for me is Jillian Michaels DVD’s. Her voice can bit a tad bit annoying at times, but she seriously kicks your ass!! You may have to venture over to Target and buy one 😉 I would suggest the one for your booty. Three different variations, beginner to advanced, and you can’t walk the next day lol… Just don’t do it too close to the wedding! You have some important walkin’ to do that day 😉 lol. XO.

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