Britney Spears Wednesday – Baby … One More Time Performance

I am a true Britney Spears fan. From the first time I saw her music video “Baby … One More Time,” I was in love.  I was only 11, but I remember thinking she was the greatest thing that ever happened, like ever.

Now 15 years later, I am still as smitten! I am dedicating Wednesdays to celebrating Britney Spears. Wednesdays always need a little spicing up because it is mid-week. This morning I listened to Britney’s new song “Oh La La” on repeat for about 30 minutes — it seems the ability to listen to songs on repeat is an ADHD quality? Who knew! I just don’t get sick of Britney … much my man dismay. I have taken over his Pandora by adding 5 Britney Spears stations. Yep, such a lucky guy.

For the first Britney Spears Wednesday, this video is from her “Oops I Did It Again” tour. She is not lip-syncing and is dancing her little ass off. *sigh*

Happy Wednesday!


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