Life Hack #1 – Stay Hydrated with Free Filtered Water from Starbucks

I feel like I always hear about these little “life hacks” from friends, books, research, and my favorite resource: Buzzfeed.  I thought I would share some of this wisdom with you all with a new segment focused on awesome life hacks.


For this first Life Hack segment, I am sharing how to stay hydrated for free with Starbucks. Ok, I know you are thinking, “water is free, you big dummy!” Yet if you are like me, you never remember to bring a snazzy little water bottle when you leave the house and end up spending money for unnecessary (and wasteful) bottled water.  I have a friend who lives by this trick, we will call her L. L is a hydration Queen.  She swears that Starbucks is required to give water to anyone who asks, regardless if you purchased one of their products. All you have to do is (1) walk in line (2) ask for a Venti ice water – or Trenta if you are feeling bold (3) enjoy free filtered water in a durable cup. This cup is much better than a water bottle because you can reuse it for a couple days and then recycle.  Plus, the water used at Starbucks in notoriously good quality. Starbucks keeps their coffee tasting similar throughout the world by using filtered water – this is a well known fact and also shared on the blog Coffee Cup News.

Happy Friday and stay hydrated out there!

love, Sarah


6 thoughts on “Life Hack #1 – Stay Hydrated with Free Filtered Water from Starbucks

  1. Kbo, I’m sorry but I can’t imagine how you can hold your head up high while doing a shitty job…unless you just love it, in which case it’s not a shitty job to you at all 🙂
    But as a lawyer it’s still hard for me to understand how you can talk about dignity while working at starbucks… :s
    I mean idk whether it’s just a decision not to study or if it’s a student parttime job, but I’d feel like a consumer slave.
    Ofc each their own opinion…

  2. I work at Starbucks. I would like to caution you, we hate the cheap people who come in and waste our labor costs. Sure, if it’s slow and I’m bored, not that annoying, but coming in when it’s busy, increasing our ticket times and wasting paying customers time because you’re cheap or forgetful. We don’t do it because we’re nice, it’s the law. We have to provide water and bathrooms.

    It’s not free, it’s rude. You’re displacing the cost onto Starbucks. Sure, YOUR water was a negligible addition but you’re not the only person who also feels Starbucks is their personal water fountain. Because water is not like our other drinks it’s a irritating nuisance to have to switch gears, making other drinks take longer because the bar has to stop to make a water for someone whose basically leeching.

    Also, our cups at Starbucks are NOT recyclable. Read the bottom, there’s a little number on it. It’s a rating 1-5. 1 and 2 are recyclable everywhere. 3, is hard to use and so some places do some places don’t 4-5 are not recyclable. Not even Germany (which recycles everything nation wide as a deliberate initiative) doesn’t recycle Starbucks cups, so forget about the voluntary American programs.

    Now, if you regularly buy things there or just got something and would like some water or even just came with friends and only want water, we’re more more than glad to do it. But before anyone takes this advice, don’t be that person. Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about, if not you’re probably one of the few individuals whose parents never made them work through high school and college and had everything given to you and now feel like the poor Barista who actually has work ethic somehow owes your lazy ass free water when ever you want it. For those who have worked one of these low end jobs to pay their way through school and learn actual work ethic, don’t be one of those customers.

    • Hi Kbo, thanks for your insight. I live in the desert and water is a essential to life. I buy most of my coffee, sometimes breakfast, at Starbucks so I am shocked by your comments. The kindness I have always found in Starbucks, free bathrooms and water, is one of the reasons I continually praise them. I apologize if it sounded like I was free loading off Starbucks, but it’s a billion dollar corporate company that can kindly provide a couple people with water when they are desperate. And from a business stand i think this is one reason so many people continually return. And I have been a waitress and banquet server so I know about difficult customers. The occasional person who asks for water does not seem to fall in the caragory of the anger behind your message. 

      If you think I have no dignity because I am letting people know how to have water, then that’s fine. 

      — Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

      On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 7:16 PM, The DIY Librarian

  3. Wisedom from L!

    More L wisedom – creamer from Circle K – way cheaper to fill up your “coffee cup” with creamer than to buy ACTUAL creamer. SO MANY PEARLS !

    • As per my previous comment, you’re the worst.

      For one, “actual creamer” is called HALF AND HALF, I’ll even accept cream. Creamer is a NONDAIRY SUBSTITUTE for actual cream (Half and Half).

      Second, if you don’t think we know what you’re doing your blind. We know how cheap you are and we know you think you’re so smart by being as cheap as a homeless person. I at least understand where they’re coming from, they have no option. It’s about survival for them. Is that creamer really a matter of survival for you? Will the $3 extra at the grocery store or $1.50 at Starbucks really set you back so much you might not be able to go on?

      I don’t know what is with people, but I couldn’t reconcile my conscience being the kind of person who does this sort of thing. The kind of people who think they’re clever figuring out inventive ways to order a drink at Starbucks to save themselves $1 or less. Like you’re somehow entitled to having that coffee and have it the way you want (which is fine) but for the price you want it. Buck up, pay the cost of what you want.

      I couldn’t possibly live with myself if I did that. I have dignity. Maybe you don’t care that a bunch of people with the shittiest jobs all look down on you and hold their head up high because at least they work for a living and buy the things they want, but please reconsider what your doing.

      A life hack is a easy method of taking life to the fullest. These tips are not that. It’s basically the opposite. It’s a way of getting so caught up on being penny-wise-dollar-dumb that you’re ignoring the bigger picture. Pay the negligible cost and stop worrying, live with the dignity that you work for the things that you enjoy and focus on alleviating problems with significance, not holding on to a few dollars.

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