Job Hunting Tip!

I have been on the job hunt for many months now and finally landed two interviews this week! Yahoo! However, I have found myself in a little pickle. One job I applied for was so haphazardly done, I don’t remember the job description, minimum requirements, or the pay rate from the posting. When they asked if I would interview I almost yelled, “Of course! Are you fucking kidding me!” but I kept my cool and was all, “I would be delighted. I am free anytime on Thursday. When is best for you?” After we scheduled the time, I tried to find the job posting and… NOTHING. It has been taken down and I can’t find any indication it ever existed.

This long winded story has one moral:

Copy and paste the posting details for all job applications you submit.

Don’t let this be you! Save all job posting info.

love, Sarah


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