Simplify your Wedding with a Little Notebook


As some of you know, I am planning a wedding! I am continuing my love for old school planners and notebooks with another post about how to keep organized … but with a wedding as the central topic.

If you, or anyone you know, has ever planned a wedding you know how overwhelming all the checklists out in the World Wide Web can feel! I seriously printed one from The Knot and 13 pages later called my fiance and said “OMG Scott, we are so behind on planning! How will we ever do this? We have to catch up! I can’t breath.” To which he replied, “Calm down crazy. We are planning a wedding for about 15 people. We don’t need to do everything it says.” Oh, how wise he is. Yet, when you begin to plan a wedding your mind just goes crazy and you start to think of every possible thing, all the shit that could hit the fan.

How I have managed to keep sane [stressing the word managed because I cannot promise that it will continue to be a true statement] is my mini wedding notebook. Here are the steps to create/use a self made wedding notebook and spend about $1.99 rather than $25 on a book from Barnes and Noble full with stuff you really don’t give a damn about.

  1. Print up various “Wedding Checklists” from online resources. My favorites are from The Knot [link here] and Offbeat Bride [link here].
  2. Take your list(s) and start actually going through them, striking through things that you don’t need/want/already have figured out.
  3. Buy a little notebook from Target like mine. This was in the stationary section for only $1.99.
  4. Break the notebook into different sections by month, leaving plenty of pages in between to add tasks and ideas.
  5. Look at your print out list(s) and start hand writing your tasks by month (i.e. in August I need to order invites. In September I need to finalize ceremony wedding songs). You can add your own as you think of them – this is what the extra pages are for! See image 5 for an example.
  6. After you have given yourself a plan for a few months, turn to the end of your notebook.  Here I created an area where I can work out details, write down confirmation numbers, doodle if needed. See image 6.
  7. Keep it up to date a check off tasks as they are completed!
Wedding Notebook Example

Examples of how my wedding notebook looks – Messy but mine!

Another reason why this is such a great tool for me is because I need to be reminded to enjoy the ride and not “blow my load too early and all over the place…” as my friend L so delicately put it. I tend to over do things, so this has allowed me to slowly plan and enjoy the planning process. Whenever I get too ahead of myself, I just imagine sperm all over the ceiling and think, “No. That will not be me.”

love, Sarah


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