Beauty Secret #1 – Luxy Hair Video Tutorials

This is the first of my beauty secret segments! I wanted to share with you my favorite hair tutorials on the internet: Luxy Hair Tutorials.  I have been doing my hair with the Luxy girls for about 6 months now and I am obsessed. I do not naturally know how to style hair or do up-dos, often throwing my unruly curly hair up into a bun with defiance. If any of you have curly hair, you know there are days when it looks just amazing, and days when you look like a poodle. When I first discovered Luxy Hair it often took me an hour to recreate an updo, but with practice I have begun to understand how to do hair! IT IS A MIRACLE! 

These videos are done with great care and have a production value I envy.  The Luxy sisters have a hair extension company and use the tutorials to promote their brand. I have no opinion on the hair extensions, but I love their videos.  To show you I really do use their videos, take a look at one hairstyle I tried to create. It doesn’t have the volume the Luxy tutorial does, but I wore the Retro Side Pony Tail to a wedding. I am pretty proud of my craftsmanship. This is my first picture of me on the blog (and you get a cute sneak peak at my Scottie)!


Retro Side Pony Tail with help from Luxy Hair Tutorials

love, Sarah


9 thoughts on “Beauty Secret #1 – Luxy Hair Video Tutorials

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  4. oh my god sooo pretty!! i love beauty tutorials but it’s so hard to find one where people actually know what they’re doing. thank you for posting this!!

  5. I need this!!! I am horrible at doing my own hair and I have an outdoor wedding at the end of the month that I need an up-do for! Michigan humidity + outdoor wedding in August = some realllly bad hair lol. So up it must go! I can’t wait to check it out. Thanks Sarah! Xo.

    • They have a ton of great hairstyles! The videos are like a minute, so don’t let them fool you into thinking it will actually only take a minute. Take a picture and show it to me when you do it!

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