Yoga Sun Salutations with Rhye

I had to share my new sun salutation song called “Open.”  I originally downloaded this song via a free iTunes download at Starbucks [maybe your local Starbucks still has some!] I have since downloaded their whole album “Woman.” I am totally smitten and in love. Their songs have such feeling and bring out an emotion when you listen to them. I also am digging the disco vibe some of their songs have. I am sure every person is reminded of a memory and feeling by their songs.

Rhye’s song “Open” is the best song ever to accompany your Yoga sun salutations. The violin, the soft drums, the voice. The voice. Also a note on the voice, it is a man. MIND BLOWN. Check out this article on NPR about Rhye.

Listen and let “Open” touch your soul while you hold your downward dog.

love, Sarah


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