How NOT to Buy a Wedding Dress

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Shortcut to this post is: Buy your wedding dress in the store, NOT ONLINE.

I am totally obsessed with BHLDN. If you haven’t looked at this wedding dress store, you are missing out on some awesome eye candy. This dress porn is everything I love: vintage, whimsey, unique, and a huge variety. So, I fell in love with a dress. As you know from this post Part 1 and Part 2, our wedding is themed Great Gatsby. I found a dress called Cyprium Gown and felt the look would totally complement my theme. It was on sale for $600 [originally $1000] and was only running large sizes. I talked to the sales lady, who was super nice, and she suggested I order a size 8 and get it altered. Why the hell not? Don’t all wedding dresses have to get altered anyways? My mom and I went on a limb and just did it! We anxiously waited for it to arrive a week later.


Cyprium Dress from BHLDN

The packaging was beautiful, the dress bag was so well made, and then we got to the dress. It looked a lot different than online, but was definitely pretty. I took it to our guest bedroom while my fiance and dad waited.


The beautiful packaging from BHLDN.


BHLDN Dress Bag.

It just looked so blah on me. It was huge (as expected) but I didn’t get that “feeling” that you are suppose to get when you try on your wedding dress. As you can see from the pictures, trying on a dress in your own house just doesn’t feel very special. I didn’t have a huge mirror to examine the dress and didn’t have the proper tools to fit it to my body. My mom and I decided we would go dress shopping the next day to make sure this was the one. Needless to say, I found my dress that day and promptly returned the online dress. My new dress is very 20’s, was the same price as the online sales dress, and made me cry. Isn’t that how it is suppose to be? If I learned anything from Say Yes To The Dress, Randy likes a crier!


Cyprium Dress BHLDN on Front View

BHLDN side of dress

Cyprium Dress BHLDN – size 8 is way too big

The moral of the story is: go dress shopping in a store. There is something very ritualistic about this experience that trying on your wedding dress in your home bathroom doesn’t offer. You have a bridal assistant oh-ing and aw-ing over you, the dress is pinned properly to you, guests in the store commenting on how beautiful it looks, and you get to be a bride. If there is anything I have learned through this wedding experience it is that you should embrace the bride moments. You only get to be a bride once and you will be pampering all your friends when they are brides so … enjoy it! Just don’t be an awful bitch.

love, Sarah


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