Starbucks Inspired Egg Salad Sandwich

starbucks egg salad sandwich

I didn’t know I loved egg salad sandwiches until recently.  I was on vacation and we stopped in Starbucks to grab coffee and a bite to eat. The egg salad sandwich there was just calling to me, so I bought it. I seriously could not stop thinking of that damn sandwich! I even bought it again the next week. $7 for a little sandwich is just too lavish for my life, especially when it must be cheap to make.

After much research, I found this recipe from 101 Cookbooks. It really is a replica of the Starbucks egg salad sandwich. The recipe is below, and I have made it a couple times. It is so easy and can make several sandwiches.

Starbucks Inspired Egg Salad Sandwich from 101 Cookbooks – link here.


  • 6 large eggs
  • 1-2 tablespoons of mayonnaise (or Greek Yogurt)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 2 Stalks celery, washed and chopped into small peices
  • 1/2 bunches chives, chopped
  • lettuce for the top
  • 8 slices of whole grain bread, toasted


  1. Boil the 6 eggs per the directions on Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs
  2. After the eggs are peeled, put them in a medium bowl. boiled peeled eggs
  3. Add the mayo to the bowl, keep it by you because you may need to add the mayo to keep it moist and together.
  4. Put in some salt and pepper, personal preference here.
  5. Mask with a fork. You want to keep it pretty chunky and textured, no need to mash it into a creamy egg salad. This is what makes it so yummy!
  6. Stir in celery and chives. egg salad mixed
  7. Make your sandwiches! It should make 4 in total.
egg salad sandwich

I used sourdough bread for this sandwich!

Interesting to note: I hate almost all the ingredients in this egg salad sandwich. I hate mayo and celery. But together, it is just divine!

love, Sarah


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