Getting Reacquainted with Robyn

Remember Robyn from the 90s with that amazing song “Show Me Love?” Well, I am about 3 years behind, but Robyn released an album “Body Talk” that is totally incredible. I just had a craving to hear “Call Your Girlfriend” and have listened to it about 4 times already this morning. So, I thought: why not share it with you all? The video is pretty simple and amazing. It is one long shot and Robyn just dances with everything she has. I don’t know, it just feels honest, sad, and improvised. Different!

And another great song from “Body Talk” called “Dancing on my Own.” I do not miss these days – crushing on a guy to only turn around and he is making out with someone else.

Lastly, her original “Show Me Love.” Timeless pop!

love, Sarah


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