DIY: Change Your Bathroom Faucet

bathroom faucet

Top right is the old faucet, remaining photos are the new one.

We did this project a few weeks ago all by ourselves! It was not the easiest home DIY, but it really made a big impact on our little bathroom.

We bought the faucet at Lowes. It is by Glacier Bay called the Teacup Bath Faucet for only $36. I have included the actual video we used as our guide. I just love that we can do DIY home projects by accessing YouTube and not having to call my dad.

What I learned from this is that having a pedastel sink makes changing the hoses lines a bitch! I ended up doing most of the tightening because my fiance’s hand couldn’t fit.  When you have a normal sink with cabinets it is much easier to gain access  to the supply lines. Did you even know there are little hoses that connect the water from the pipes to the faucet? As you can see, I am a super beginner but I did it! It isn’t leaking and it looks all vintage and cute.

So, some tips we learned along the way:

  • Have lots of rags. It look us a few times to get the faucet working without leaks from the hose lines. We made a mess!
  • Use hose lines that have easy to tighten ends. I am not using the correct terms here, but the ones we had were metal and we had to tighten them with a wrench to connect to the pipes. This is why the pedastel sink was such a bitch! It is very hard to get a wrench into a place your fingers can barely fit. In the end, I ended up hand tightening them. OUCH. They have ones with plastic connections that are really easy to tighten by hand and secure.
  • Spend the extra $1 on plumber’s putty that is is stain-free. The old faucet was definitly held in place with a cheaper plumber’s putty and it took us a long time to clean it up.
  • It will probably take 2 hours more than you anticipated and result in a few fights with your partner. In the end, your bathroom will look brand new for under $50 with a bit of time and sweat!

love, Sarah


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