Britney and Miley’s Collaboration on “Bangerz”

A lot of people have things to say about Miley Cyrus. I personally don’t really get the big deal! Am I the only one? I do feel uncomfortable when she sticks her tongue out, but I think she wants us to feel uncomfortable. She is for sure trying some different things out and, all in all, I thinks it’s pretty funny and awkward. Plus, I love the music coming out of Miley’s album.

Since I am a crazy Britney Spears fan (and it is Britney Spears Wednesday) I had to address Britney doing a duet with Miley! The track list was shared yesterday and their song together is “SMS (BANGERZ).” If it is anything like Miley’s other songs, and the new one “Wrecking Ball,” I am sure it was will catchy and amazing! If they do a video together, it will be like Miley twerking on Venus — because Britney is Venus, obviously.


From the brilliant mind of Jen Lewis on Buzzfeed.

For more art history ridiculousness, check out the Buzzfeed post Miley Cyrus Twerks on Famous Paintings. It really will make you smile.

love, Sarah


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