Sneak Peak at Wedding Photos


Thank You Card design, Inspired Lines: White, from Wedding Paper Divas

Consider this the wedding photo nip-slip.

Scott and I finally had a few hours to sit together and look at our 500+ wedding pictures from Gaby J. Photography (located in Las Vegas). We are so happy with our pictures! If you don’t already know, we had a very intimate Great Gatsby themed wedding in Las Vegas, NV and it was seriously the best wedding I could have ever asked for. Looking at the pictures made me want to do it all over again!

Get ready to be flooded with wedding-centric posts. I have been waiting for our fabulous photos before I share all of our DIYs, non-DIYs, book/Great Gatsby inspired design choices, and wedding lessons learned. Don’t worry, I will try to spread it out as I know not everyone who subscribes gives a flying fuck about my wedding!

love, Sarah

PS: Sorry to blow the thank you card surprise my wonderful friends! Just act surprised when you get it in the mail…


When Being Impulsive is not Spontaneous


When you think of spontaneous don’t you imagine someone saying, “Fuck it! Let’s drive 6 hours to the beach; we have a whole weekend for an adventure!” What about someone who is impulsive? I always pictured my spontaneity and impulsive behavior as the same… a fun outlook I added to life. Yet, as I get older and life gets more and more mundane with bills, obligations, and adult bullshit, I can no longer pretend my impulsive ADHD behaviors are fun and spontaneous because really they are making me anxiety ridden.

Daily I become more comfortable with my ADHD [read some posts about it here] and I am beginning to become aware of some crazy impulsive behaviors. Here is an example: Scottie and I are making dinner. All is good and happy and then I remember out of nowhere “OMG I forgot to respond to that email about Thanksgiving with my extended family!” and I rush to find the computer, abandoning the the peppers I am in the middle of cutting. I run out of the room in a panic as Scott yells after me, “Where are you going? I need you cut the peppers!” So, feeling very bad about leaving him in the kitchen, I tear myself away from my email and continue cutting peppers. But, this is where it becomes complicated, I am so anxious I will forget to write that email to the point where I begin to feel full of anxiety and dread. People without ADHD, like my wonderful husband, try to convince me I can write the email in 30 minutes when dinner is done. But I know, and fear, the need to write this email will dissolve away and it will never get done. I will disappoint my family by making them feel like they are not important. Or even worse, I will get this impulsive urge the next day at another terrible moment when I am driving or something. I will again feel this stress because I know I can’t complete this task or, the worst option of all, I give in and try to write this email on my phone as I drive.

I wish this was true of just little annoying tasks in day to day life, but I feel this way about almost all aspects of my life and I feel an intense, and all consuming, urge to do whatever it is I want at that moment. Most things are not even fun. It may be interrupting someone who is talking because I have a thought and I am scared I will forget it, getting so antsy in situations because I think of something different to do, etc.  As the email example shows, I am often missing out on the moment in am currently in because I am so caught up in my own insanely rapid thoughts.

Oh Dennis, you know me so well.

Oh Dennis, you know me so well.

Now, what am I learning to helps cope with these urges? My doc says the medicine helps to calm impulsiveness because it is a chemical imbalance in my brain that makes me feel this way. Great, but I can’t, nor do I want to, ALWAYS be medicated and use it as an excuse. I have a planner that I keep all my “tasks” in and this helps, but sometimes I can’t write things down and I often forget to look at my planner. I missed a doc appointment this week because I forgot my planner at home. My best friend K said I should start using my iPhone’s voice notes and then set aside a time to “action” tasks. Actioning tasks has been the best advice yet.

What are my steps to stop impulsive behaviors from become debilitating?

  • Use a planner/notebook/scrap paper/voice notes to record all tasks, ideas, and needs in that moment. Then allow myself to be free of them.
  • Have a time when I get home from work, about 30 minutes max, to sit down with all my notes and start completing them or delaying them to another time.
  • Do not buy things impulsively – it will be there tomorrow and if I need it I can go back and get it.
  • Do not make plans impulsively – I am married and it isn’t just me I am making plans for anymore. I need to be fair to Scottie and allow him to be a part of these decision [can you tell this is an area of great discourse for us?]
  • Try with all my might to listen when people talk and not allow my thoughts to become more important than theirs.
  • If I feel impulsive anxiety overtaking the moment I am in, I try and acknowledge it and let go of those stresses. Be more in the moment.
  • Forgive myself for being this way and don’t allow guilt to make me feel bad about myself.

I guess it is all about self control when it comes to overcoming impulsive behaviors. Yet, some of these behaviors are really fun at time. Life with ADHD is not all horrible. Sometimes those impulsive moments are indeed spontaneous adventures.

love, Sarah

When to Cut Curly Hair?


All you curly hair ladies probably hate going to get a hair cut as much as I do. They always cut it too short, ignore the fact that I have curly hair and style it terrible. I once had someone thin my hair with feathering. Yes, it was a puff-ball for about 4 months.

As I get to that 6-8 week mark since my last haircut, I started to actually consider, “when should I really cut my hair?” Last year I went 10 months without cutting my hair [oh God, so embarrassing]. So since it is a new year, I decided I should treat my hair better and do it right. I did a little research, and this is what I found:

1) Trimming your hair will not make it grow any quicker. I always felt like this was a bullshit lie hairdressers made up for more business! Now Oprah’s website has confirmed it. It seems that your hair will look longer if you have less split ends, yet how often you cut your hair has nothing to do with your hair growth.

2) Your hair length determines the necessary cutting time frame. I guess this makes sense! If you are keeping a certain hairstyle you would need to get it cut to maintain it. From a Daily Makeover article:

The length of hair is a deciding factor on when you should schedule your trim. “Hair that is collar bone and shorter should have a trim [every] 4-6 weeks. Hair that is collar bone and longer should have a trim [every] 6-8 weeks. Anything longer on both risks having to sacrifice length due to timing.”

3) Curly hair with split ends is frizzier. I basically have added this fact from experience and this WikiHow article. I have noticed that when my hair ends are too fried my hair starts to get very tangled. No matter what I do I have a mess. The more damage to your hair, the more frizz.

To sum it all up: I will begin cutting my hair when I notice the start of split ends. Not just one split end, but a bunch of them. Maybe it will be 2 months, but I think if you have curly hair you should be following any advice that prevents frizz. If split ends make for more frizz, that is enough motivation for me to go and cut those ends off.

Now to find a good hairstylist…

love, Sarah

Who Needs Oil Absorbing Sheets When Toilet Seat Covers Are Free?


My besties K & L have been telling me for years that the toilet seat covers in public bathrooms are the best for absorbing the daily oil that gathers on your face. Being totally stubborn, I just said “yeah yeah… weirdos.”

They are, of course, right! I have a very oily, olive complexion and recently started using Retain A again. Retain A is a very intense ache treatment that takes extra layers of your skin off so new, healthier skin can be acne free. It’s also great for anti-aging! Obviously this is the NOT technical explanation of this prescription, but basically it makes my skin peel and look all around flaky. So I lather on the moisturizer and then look like I put my face in oil oil by lunch. I started using those toilet seat covers at every pee break and, what do you know, they suck up the oil on my face and leave my make-up in place! Sounds like a musical jingle.

I will never look at toilet seat covers the same again. And they are free!

love, Sarah

PS: I may begin documenting my Retain A use. I know some people hate it/swear by it. Thoughts?

Husband & Wife!!!



It’s done! We got married on December 13th and I couldn’t be happier. The wedding was beautiful, Scott and I had an amazing time, and [mostly] everything went as planned. We got married is Las Vegas and pulled of the “Great Gatsby” themed wedding… Just waiting on our photographs from out fabulous photographer Gaby J. before you get all the dets! I can’t wait to share with you readers all the DIY projects, wedding planning insights, and marriage revelations.

To add to the craziness of the last few months, I started a corporate information management job a month before the wedding. This job involves long days, weird culture, and I am currently working through being an exhausted, whiny little bitch and new wife. Sound fun for the new hubby, right? Don’t worry, I will fill his ears with my complaining so you all can be spared,

How the hell do people have energy to work out and grocery shop after work? I spend more time with my weird co-workers than anyone else… Seems unfair. When I got into work – it was dark … I left work – it was dark.”

I do like it though! What can I say, I am a girl who just loves lists and excel sheets.

Now that me and the hubby are settling back into normal life, it looks a lot like it use to:


All the dogs are wearing it…

For now, it’s good to be back on the blog! Thanks for your patience and for all of you that keep discovering it [even though I was MIA and a frizzy stressed mess]. Keep checking your inbox/reader for new updates. I think 2014 is going to be pretty amazing and I am excited to see how this blog develops.

love, Sarah