Husband & Wife!!!



It’s done! We got married on December 13th and I couldn’t be happier. The wedding was beautiful, Scott and I had an amazing time, and [mostly] everything went as planned. We got married is Las Vegas and pulled of the “Great Gatsby” themed wedding… Just waiting on our photographs from out fabulous photographer Gaby J. before you get all the dets! I can’t wait to share with you readers all the DIY projects, wedding planning insights, and marriage revelations.

To add to the craziness of the last few months, I started a corporate information management job a month before the wedding. This job involves long days, weird culture, and I am currently working through being an exhausted, whiny little bitch and new wife. Sound fun for the new hubby, right? Don’t worry, I will fill his ears with my complaining so you all can be spared,

How the hell do people have energy to work out and grocery shop after work? I spend more time with my weird co-workers than anyone else… Seems unfair. When I got into work – it was dark … I left work – it was dark.”

I do like it though! What can I say, I am a girl who just loves lists and excel sheets.

Now that me and the hubby are settling back into normal life, it looks a lot like it use to:


All the dogs are wearing it…

For now, it’s good to be back on the blog! Thanks for your patience and for all of you that keep discovering it [even though I was MIA and a frizzy stressed mess]. Keep checking your inbox/reader for new updates. I think 2014 is going to be pretty amazing and I am excited to see how this blog develops.

love, Sarah


The Shutdown and How it Shutdown My Life

From the cartoonist Joe Heller.

It has been a bit of a anxiety filled 10 days for me and my partner due to the stupid government shutdown. I am a very dedicated Democrat, so I will avoid any mean name calling, try to understand why the Republicans are shutting down the government, and Avoid my urge to have a pity party for one (millions are affected just like me). I don’t want to be political or stir up any emotions because I just don’t feel one person can make change like I use to when I was 16. All I know is that this government shitstorm is affecting me and it feels really shitty to be used as a pawn for government rhetoric.

How is it affecting me? Do I work for the federal government? Nope. But the job I did get requires a government background check before I can officially start. I did all the necessary paperwork on time and when it was sent to the government I knew it was out of my hands (and my employers). I was suppose to start my new job this Monday but most federal employees are on furlow, including those that do the security checks. OMFG! I can’t start my fucking job! There is nothing I can do but wait with the rest of America.

I know a lot of people aren’t affected by the shutdown in the way I am. People just don’t realize how important things are until they don’t have them. For example, not having government open has highlighted to me how it is needed. Or health insurance. I have been uninsured for 10 months because I wasn’t offered it by my previous employer and I cannot afford it from a private company. Or marriage. If someone said you could not get married than you might realize what an important right that is. The prospect of marrying my long time partner is such a special chose. Even education. Look at the courageous Malala Yousafzai who stood up for women’s education in Pakistan and continues to amaze all of us.

I guess my point is to share how a non-government person is effected by the shutdown. My life is literally on hold and I am in financial limbo. There are so many sad stories about wives of fallen soldiers not getting benefits, our gem of national parks being inaccessible to the public, and men and women who work for our government waiting to see how, and when, the Political parties will come together and do their jobs.

I am just so over it.

love, Sarah

My Thoughts on Staying at Home

Hey my friends! I am sorry I have been so MIA. I am taking a very needed, and unusual, month off work. I have had a ton of changes in the last few months with jobs and thought it was time for a little update.

I was going to start work as a prison librarian, but unfortunately [and fortunately] the initially salary they offered me was dropped significantly when I received the official offer. Bastards! I was a total mess, cried for about 3 days straight, and then bucked up and started applying for more jobs while I allowed them to think I was excited to start work for them. Since I already had one real job pending, I felt comfortable putting in my 2 weeks notice to my current job. My last day of work was September 11th and I was suppose to start at the prison on September 16th. In the meantime, I got a great job offer at a corporate office doing data management. I took it without even trying to negotiate. Yeah, I know that is pretty dumb, but the offer was exactly where I wanted to be out of graduate school while my previous offers were fit for someone just out of college — actually I made the same right out of my bachelor’s degree that I was being offered after a masters. Bastards!

So, I took the corporate job and can no longer say I am a real librarian. Do I need to change my blog name to The DIY Data Manager?

In the meantime, I can’t start the corporate job until October 14th because of paperwork and background checks. I have a month to be a housewife and homemaker! Since we won’t get a paycheck for me for a month, I am pretty much stuck at home taking care of our life on a strict budget.

Now, my thoughts of staying at home. It is hard and I give stay at home wives/moms/husbands/dads way more credit. I knew I wasn’t domestic, but this experience has taught me I am not a good homemaker! There are days when I don’t get dressed and days where I realize I have spent an hour just walking around my house and have accomplished nothing. There are other days when I kill it and redo a whole room. I am super grateful to have this small time to wear the domestic hat because it has changed my whole perception of how I see this role. It has allowed me to spend time with my family, take care of things around the house that were on the “to-do” list, and I have been able to take care of my fiancee and put him first. Yet, the drawbacks are huge. Others [like my parents] think I am doing nothing and can assist them in any moment. My fiancee and I have already had the “I have been working all day, what have you been doing” fight a few times and it sucks because I am doing stuff but it isn’t measurable like working is. Personally, I feel like being the one who stays at home is actually more of a sacrifice than working. I am too selfish and undomestic to do it properly. With that said, I have so enjoyed it because I know I will never do it again.  I have found dressing up like a 50s housewife makes it more fun!


To all you stay at home people, you have my respect. I thought it would be such an easy job and I am happy to have been proven wrong.

love, Sarah

L’Chaim, לחיים, TO LIFE

hebrew jewish

I am Jewish and around this time of the year we have the high holidays, or high holy days. I am the kind of Jew who goes to temple on these holidays… sometimes. I really do love being Jewish, but see it more as a part of my heritage, story, and lineage than a religion.

Friday sundown to Saturday sundown was the high holiday Yom Kipper. It is my favorite services but by far the most depressing “holiday.” On this day you fast and atone for your sins. Yippee! This year I tried to fast because the purpose of fasting is to break down your walls, become a bit weak so you can let faith and God into your heart.  The last time I successfully fasted was in college and I have vivid, almost pornographic, dreams about chicken nuggets. This time when I fasted it did make me extremely emotional! I don’t know if it was God entering my heart, but I will say that being empty and weak elevated my emotions.  I felt overcome with tears at moments and unable to stop myself from laughing at others. Two embarrassing moments of the service: (1) in a moment of silent prayer, my stomach started yelling at me in a way I have never experienced! It was gurgling loudly for long stretches at a time. My mom turns to me and whispers, “Is that YOU?” (2) In services for Yom Kipper they have an amazing list of everything you could possibly do that needs atoning for — they really cover all bases for you. One of them was sexual immorality. The entire synagog reads aloud these sins in English after the Rabbi reads them in Hebrew. I said quite loudly, “Please forgive us for my sexual immortality.” My mom started giggling and I lost my composure. If you can’t tell, me [and my mother it seems] were those kids in class that talked, whispered, and giggled. Nothing has changed!

All in all, the day was a success and I ate a sandwich right after services. It was very nice to reflect on the year and remember times I was less than perfect. It also felt nice to know I wasn’t alone and that it is ok to have faults. The Jewish New Year, year 5774, is a time to celebrate but reflect and make this next year a better, healthier, and fuller year. To that I say L’CHAIM! That means “TO LIFE” and usually is followed by a lot of routy drinking.

love, Sarah

Why I Quit Facebook and Will Never Go Back … EVER

facebook dislike

This is going to be a departure from most of my posts and may be a little text [and emotion] heavy. Just a warning!

I was on Facebook from the time I started college. This was back when you had to have a college email address to even sign up – the glory days of Facebook. It was seriously the greatest thing to ever happen to college kids. When I was assigned my dorm at ASU [Arizona State University], I was able be a part of a girl lunch organized on Facebook before the school year started. I met my roommates through Facebook and was able to visit – and party with them – before we met on move-in day. In my 4 years of undergrad I collected over 700 Facebook “friends” and 2000 pictures. My college years were completely documented on Facebook and for that I am forever grateful!

Now to today – 8 years after my first day as a Freshman in college. I hate Facebook. It has become something I just don’t want to be a part of anymore. I am about 1 year sober from Facebook and I feel like I have my life back.

There are numerous reasons why I feel like Facebook had a very negative impact on my life. For one, I feel people use Facebook as a platform to be just fucking hateful. One of the main reasons I got of Facebook was because of an anti-gay post one of my friend’s husbands posted. In the end, I learned it wasn’t meant to be so hurtful and hateful but the damage was done. I realized that he would have not said something anti-gay in person, but on Facebook there are different rules and a lack of awareness about how people will perceive what you write. I quit Facebook the day of the infamous post. I am not innocent in this either, after I read the post I immaturely posted on my wall, “When did Facebook become a platform for hate?” I wanted a reaction from my friend. And who liked this post? Random ass people from high school I never think of or talk to. I didn’t like who Facebook was making me and I didn’t like how it made me see other people. Luckily for me, I quit Facebook before the 2012 election and I was able to avoid a ton of annoying Facebook posts. I was just over reading my News Feed and being pissed and irritated for hours after.

I also had a very shitty relationship with my self-esteem and Facebook. For many years I have allowed Facebook to make me feel insecure about my life and envious of others. I think at times it can feed on the bad sides of your personality. I have a friend who use to look at people from the past and fawn in their weight gain, life choices, etc. For me, I used it to feel bad about myself [and admittedly at times enjoy seeing an old frienemy look increasingly chubbier]. But mostly, I would look at people’s Facebook personas – those having babies, getting married, traveling the world – and feel very jealous and lacking in my own life.

“Should I be getting married? Those people haven’t even been dating a year! I want to be pregnant. Should I start having babies? Everyone else is. Or maybe I need to travel more and party more. She/He has such a cool life while I am here on a Friday night looking at Facebook while my boyfriend is working. When did I become such a loser?”

And talk about feeling shitty about yourself! I once posted a picture of a concert I was going to and no one liked it. I felt like such a loser and alone. Why? Because no one liked a picture? That is just fucking insane! I had a great time at the concert and I don’t need validation from Facebook. BUT I DID.  When I posted anything on Facebook I wanted it to represent me at the moment. Do I look pretty? Skinny? In love? Popular? Fun? I think everyone has some persona they want to display on Facebook, whether it be best mom, best wife, party animal, adventurous traveler, whatever. But since I left Facebook those moments are now MINE and mine alone. When we bought our first house, I didn’t have to worry about the post that announced we were home buyers. I was able to take a really dorky picture and send it to my best friends and family. I had a choice who I included in my life and now have to go the extra mile to reach out to them. On their part, they send me pictures they post on Facebook and I no longer find out about vacations because their Facebook has some added photos.

To sum up this ranty post: I love being off Facebook. I have a life that is all mine and I no longer need to worry about how I am perceived by people from high school and how I want to be perceived. My moments are my own and I feel more myself than I ever did on Facebook. If anyone is considering deactivating their Facebook: DO IT! You will feel free from judgement and free of the pressure to judge. The day I hit “deactivate” was one of the most freeing decisions of my life. I still need to officially delete my profile, but I plan on downloading my data because those precious college years are still very important to me.

Have any of you thought about quitting Facebook? What pushed you to quit and what held you back?

love, Sarah