Who Needs Oil Absorbing Sheets When Toilet Seat Covers Are Free?


My besties K & L have been telling me for years that the toilet seat covers in public bathrooms are the best for absorbing the daily oil that gathers on your face. Being totally stubborn, I just said “yeah yeah… weirdos.”

They are, of course, right! I have a very oily, olive complexion and recently started using Retain A again. Retain A is a very intense ache treatment that takes extra layers of your skin off so new, healthier skin can be acne free. It’s also great for anti-aging! Obviously this is the NOT technical explanation of this prescription, but basically it makes my skin peel and look all around flaky. So I lather on the moisturizer and then look like I put my face in oil oil by lunch. I started using those toilet seat covers at every pee break and, what do you know, they suck up the oil on my face and leave my make-up in place! Sounds like a musical jingle.

I will never look at toilet seat covers the same again. And they are free!

love, Sarah

PS: I may begin documenting my Retain A use. I know some people hate it/swear by it. Thoughts?


Beauty Secret #4: Honey is the CURE for Those Nasty Blackheads


Image from the amazing blog Crunchy Betty.

For the first time since I was 12, my skin is starting to clear up from acne! Hallelujah! However, this clearer skin has brought an increase in those dreaded blackheads. We all know popping blackheads is wrong and a horrible habit to get into, but I could not just stare at all those blackheads and do nothing about it!

First, what exactly are blackheads? As Dr. Oz explains in this really strange segment on his show [they pop the most disgusting and gigantic fake blackheads as a demonstration] blackheads are caused by bacteria and oil getting in your pores – just like a pimple. On one hand pimples’ heads are closed which makes them swell up and get red, while blackheads have an open head which allows air to get in the pore and then appear black! Fucking disgusting! Don’t you want to pop them even more now? Well my friend, I found the cure for you — HONEY. I scoured the internet looking for a cheap and natural remedy for these blackheads and hit the jackpot on Crunch Betty with a article titled 5 Natural Ways to Remove Blackheads.

Crunchy Betty’s Honey Pat-Down


  1. Honey
  2. Clean and dry face


  1. Wash your face and allow your skin to completely dry — this includes your hands. Dry is essential for this to work properly because if your skin is moist it will just spread the honey all over your face rather than get the stickiness you want.
  2. Put a small amount of honey on your fingers and start quickly patting your face where you have blackheads. The honey will stick to your pores and pull out the blackheads like those blackhead strips. From personal trial and error, it seems skin on skin is the only thing that works. I tried toilet paper [the paper stuck to my face] and wax strips [the honey wasn’t sticky enough to grab onto the wax strips].
  3. You may need to wash your hands between areas because you will start to see little blackhead chunks on your fingers. I have even done it with the palm of my hands and back of my hands.
  4. After your feel you have yanked all the blackheads out of your pores, wash your face again.
  5. Your skin will look a little bit red from the sticky honey. This will fade but your face will feel so soft and clean – like you just had a facial!

Honey is so great for your skin. The Huffington Post shares in their article 9 Super Sweet Facts About Honey,

Honey’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties draw out impurities from the skin, thus targeting breakouts, reducing redness and calming inflammation.

This means that if there is honey left in your pores it will not quickly turn into another blackhead or an angry pimple.

Enjoy getting rid of your blackheads! It has now become a nightly ritual for me after I wash my face and I can admit it feels so awesome to know I am fighting those blackheads with something delicious. No need to buy expensive pore strips or washes, honey does the trick better than any of them [trust me, I have tried them all].

Check out more beauty secrets here.

love, Sarah

Lip Addition: Real Girls’ Beauty Must-Haves


Just wanted to let you know I have officially committed to a new product. It will go under “Lip Stuff” in the original post Real Girls’ Beauty Must-Haves. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Grape Vine.

It is sheer, yet has just enough color.

It has a sheen, yet not glossy.

It has a silly name, but not a silly price of $3!

love, Sarah


Yes, you heard me right. I need to not feel beautiful and I need to look boring, dull, and bland. It is not often in a girl’s life that they want to feel ugly. I shared in a post recently about Dustin Hoffman and his realization of the heartbreak us ladies go through. I, like a lot of women, have wanted to feel womanly and beautiful since I can remember.  Yet now, I need to not stand out in a crowd and need to not be remembered. This is because I just got a job as a librarian in a male prison.

I am actually super excited about this job and the opportunity to impact lives of a very under-served population. Books can and do change lives. I get to be that person that shows these men that reading can benefit their lives. I may even get to teach a few of them how to read. It is a proven fact that incarceration and illiteracy are tied together. Today, about 60% of inmates are illiterate. I may be a little idealistic here, but I think you have to be in a job like this.

Now to the big downfall of this job: I am a young and feminine woman. These men are in prison surrounded by other men. I may be one of the nice experiences they have in prison and I do not want to get any kind of sexual attention. I actually am not worried about in the prison setting. You always have a guard with you [and I believe the library is a privilege for many inmates]. I am worried about after the release. I really do not want to deal with a stalker situation or get contacted outside of the prison setting. Because of this, I have decided to look as boring as possible. Yep, I now need to try NOT to look pretty – a complete contradiction of what I have been doing my entire life.  A little liberating even? I hope I can document some of this in the blog — I feel like I am doing a social experiment!

My Steps to NOT Looking Pretty

  1. Hair must be up. Hair down is a little to sexy for this job. I think I can still do some cute up-dos!
  2. Very light make-up. No lip color, no eyeliner, very light blush. I think mascara is still ok and light powder. Maybe this will be a good chance for me to fight pimples by being make-up free? I feel life is unfair when you are worrying about pimples and wrinkles at the same time.
  3. Shop at Good Will for baggy slacks and big button down shirts.
  4. No more dresses and skirts. BOO.
  5. No heels and I have to hide my “dude” tattoo on my foot. This might strike up some conversation about my personal life [yes, I have a “sweet” to my dude] and make the inmates too … curious?
  6. Lots of sweaters and layers. Hide my curves at all cost!
  7. I think I can still paint my nails? I don’t think pink nails drives men wild.
  8. Basically, I need to just buy clothes that are as boring, unfashionable, and dull as possible. Yet, I need to look clean and put together. I am a little worried about falling into a frumpy rut. I need to make sure I dress up on the weekends and feel girly. If you haven’t figured out yet, I am a pretty girly person.
    My "dude" tattoo.

    My “dude” tattoo.


    From ALLDAY Creative Inc’s Tumblr. I do not want this reaction in the prison. No dresses for me. BOO.

Does this post sound as conceited and I imagine it does? I completely realize there may not ever be an incident and that I am stereotyping these men into a horny and uncontrollable box. Nor do I think I will be a hot commodity in the prison yard. But I am aware that the prison guards call the librarians “inmate lovers” because it is our duty to help them. I also am aware  library experiences in a prison setting can be a positive interaction for inmates, compared to other experiences they may have in prison.  Knowing all this, I feel how I portray myself with my clothes will greatly impact how I am treated. Shit, sometimes I envy men and their penises. They don’t ever need to worry about looking too sexual because their top shows the shape of their breasts.

On a funny note, I did try to research “how not to look pretty” and I didn’t find anything. Shocking right? No woman has ever tried to look boring on purpose! I did find this awful country song “Try Not to Look So Pretty” by Dwight Yoakam.  I guess this is my new anthem.

love, Sarah

Beauty Secret #2 – Leave Tweezers in your Car

Ok, this already sounds like a gross post … and it is! When I hit the age of 25 something started happening. I started finding weird little dark hairs on my chin and above my lip. I guess this is a pretty normal, and terrible, part of aging according to this article in Oprah Magazine.

Now, onto to my beauty secret. I know how it is: You are at home, in your bathroom, doing that girl thing where you pluck hairs, obsess about black heads, and analyze all potential wrinkles. You think, “OK, this is as good as I can get it right now. Off to work!” You are on your way to work in your car singing along to Lady Gaga.  You get to a stop light and take these few moment to check your make-up in the car mirror. You see all these small little dark hairs that weren’t there before. Dammit to hell! If you follow my advice and have tweezers hidden in your glove compartment, you can use the natural light provided and feel confident your face is smooth and hair free.  Natural light helps highlight the hairs that your indoor lights just can’t.

When the guy in the car next to you looks over, you be all:


To be a Woman — in the Words of Dustin Hoffman

A great friend of mine showed me this amazing clip.  It is Dustin Hoffman recalling an experience that made him make the film “Tootsie.” While you don’t need to see “Tootsie” to understand this clip, this video really does encompass the inner turmoil us women go through in our need, and want, to feel beautiful. It is such a raw, honest, and powerful little clip. For the first time I feel a man, in 3 minutes, explains the sadness and disregard every woman has experienced at some point in her life (me included!) Maybe all men should dress up in drag to feel what it is like to be a woman and gain some awareness?

ENJOY and be ready to be blown away by Mr. Hoffman.

love, Sarah

Real Girls’ Beauty Must-Haves

Real Girls' Beauty Must-Haves

Real Girls’ Beauty Must-Haves

None of these products know I am writing about them or paid me to write about them.

I have done a little survey of my friends to see what beauty “must-haves” they swear by.  When I say the “must-haves” I really mean those beauty products you will never-ever give-up, and if they became discontinued we curse the world and leave work claiming a “family emergency” to run to the store and stock up on these products.  Yes, I am being totally a drama queen, but in essence what I mean is we love these products.

Note: * indicates I have not yet tried this product, but my friends love it.



Arm & Hammer Whitening

I refuse to by anything else even if it isn’t on sale. It actually whitens your teeth!



Waterpic Water Flosser

I hate to floss and this works and doesn’t feel like you are flossing!

Eye-Brow Pencil


Benefit Instant Brow Pencil

A trick I learned late in life — all women should fill in their eyebrows.



Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

Boi-ing covers great and lasts FOREVER.



L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tube Mascara

This uses tube mascara technology that coats your eyelashes and will not run throughout the day. It comes off in clumps with water when you rub your eyes. No eye make-up remover required!

Face Wash and Lotion

Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash and the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

Dermatologist recommended. Sarah approved!

Body Lotion


Utterly Smooth Utter Cream

Avoid sweaty places such as under arms, between knees, etc. It makes you smell like a yeast infection!

Hair Serum – Curly Hair


BioSilk Silk Therapy

This stuff calms your frizz and is worth the $15.

Face Mask*


DIY Honey Face Mask by Amil Niazi for XO Vain

I haven’t yet used, but my friend loves it! On the list of DIYs to try.

At Home Hair Dye



They match the perfect color for you — here is a first time 50% off coupon.

Lip Stuff


Rosebud Salve

Just don’t let it melt in your car… what a mess!


Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Grape Vine.

It is sheer, has a nice sheen, and is only $3! Plus, it hydrates you lips.

I am still looking for the perfect:
Blush and Bronzer
Curly Hair Products – All types!
Nail Polish that isn’t $10  bottle
Eye Cream

Share your beauty must-haves!

love, Sarah