Who Needs Oil Absorbing Sheets When Toilet Seat Covers Are Free?


My besties K & L have been telling me for years that the toilet seat covers in public bathrooms are the best for absorbing the daily oil that gathers on your face. Being totally stubborn, I just said “yeah yeah… weirdos.”

They are, of course, right! I have a very oily, olive complexion and recently started using Retain A again. Retain A is a very intense ache treatment that takes extra layers of your skin off so new, healthier skin can be acne free. It’s also great for anti-aging! Obviously this is the NOT technical explanation of this prescription, but basically it makes my skin peel and look all around flaky. So I lather on the moisturizer and then look like I put my face in oil oil by lunch. I started using those toilet seat covers at every pee break and, what do you know, they suck up the oil on my face and leave my make-up in place! Sounds like a musical jingle.

I will never look at toilet seat covers the same again. And they are free!

love, Sarah

PS: I may begin documenting my Retain A use. I know some people hate it/swear by it. Thoughts?


Life Hack #2 – Use a Cup to Amplify Your iPhone Speakers


This is a trick my friend showed me while on vacation. It is free, easy, and actually makes a huge difference. All you have to do it put your iPhone (or any smart phone) in a glass cup. The shape of the cup amplifies the sound of weak iPhone speakers. Yesterday I was all over the house cleaning, doing dishes, filing and this little cup followed me from room to room.

love, Sarah

Life Hack #1 – Stay Hydrated with Free Filtered Water from Starbucks

I feel like I always hear about these little “life hacks” from friends, books, research, and my favorite resource: Buzzfeed.  I thought I would share some of this wisdom with you all with a new segment focused on awesome life hacks.


For this first Life Hack segment, I am sharing how to stay hydrated for free with Starbucks. Ok, I know you are thinking, “water is free, you big dummy!” Yet if you are like me, you never remember to bring a snazzy little water bottle when you leave the house and end up spending money for unnecessary (and wasteful) bottled water.  I have a friend who lives by this trick, we will call her L. L is a hydration Queen.  She swears that Starbucks is required to give water to anyone who asks, regardless if you purchased one of their products. All you have to do is (1) walk in line (2) ask for a Venti ice water – or Trenta if you are feeling bold (3) enjoy free filtered water in a durable cup. This cup is much better than a water bottle because you can reuse it for a couple days and then recycle.  Plus, the water used at Starbucks in notoriously good quality. Starbucks keeps their coffee tasting similar throughout the world by using filtered water – this is a well known fact and also shared on the blog Coffee Cup News.

Happy Friday and stay hydrated out there!

love, Sarah