DIY Honeymoon Postcard Keepsake Book

20131020-214101.jpgPostcard Image Source from Etsy Shop Sherdellah.

For our honeymoon we have the pleasure of partaking in the Cloud 9 Adventures organized trip called Mayan Holidaze in Cancun, Mexico. It is amazing because my fiancée loves all the bands and djs [like the Disco Biscuits], I get to eat and drink unlimited amounts, and – most importantly – I get to finally pay my fiancée back for THE INFAMOUS big drunken mess of 2007. At this time in my life I was still figuring out that I can’t drink an obscene amount of alcohol [that is what college is for, right?]. I was visiting him when he lived in NY and he bought us tickets to one of his favorite bands Sound Tribe Sector 9. As soon as we got there I drank way to much and I immediately went missing. He spent the night looking for me and found me in the women’s bathroom crying my eyes out for no other reason than I was drunk. It was one of those rare blackout nights I am not proud of. He missed the entire concert and, as fate would have it, that band will be playing on our honeymoon! Sometimes life just works out.

Back to the adorable honeymoon keepsake… While on your honeymoon, mail yourself a postcard each day with inside jokes and memories from your honeymoon. Then you bind it together when you come home. Yes, completely freaking adorable.

Two different websites have separate techniques, and great tutorials, on how to make this a reality.

Design Sponge shares how to do Japanese Stab Binding. This technique allows you to use papers of different weights and styles. It uses a binding needle and thread to bind pages together.

The other contender is Dream Green DIY using only colorful washi tape. You use the super cute fabric tape to bind together the postcards. It seems so simple with endless creative possibilities and washi tape as the sole item to purchase. Score!

Personally, I think I will try to do the stab binding as I have some knowledge with sewing and it looks a little more stable and durable. The idea is kind of perfect for any vacation, but since our honeymoon is in less than 2 months, it is a the best memento I can ask for.

love, Sarah


DIY Vintage Inspired Printable Bookplates

VIntage Bookplate Collage

I have been trying to find the perfect bookplate to accompany a favor at our wedding. I have found some amazing bookplates but cannot decide what to do! While I go crazy with bookplates, why don’t you all take a look and see if anything strikes you!

Incase you don’t know what a bookplate is, shame on you. No, my goal is not to scold my readers but a bookplate is simply a label you put on all your books in your personal library. So when friends borrow your books, you can say, “Hey bitch. It has a bookplate on it with my name. Don’t pretend you thought you bought the book.” As you can see, I don’t like loaning out my books. I am a stingy librarian!

Free Bookplate PrintablesBOOKPLATE-DOWNLOAD

Besotted Natural History Bookplate

Besotted Brand Free Bookplates

Besotted Vintage Bookplate

B9Objects Free Bookplates

Benign Objects Vintage Bookplate


Lunagirl Images Vintage Labels


Design Sponge Made with Love Bookplate

Just to add a few other options that I love [but I have to pay for], check out this Etst store Oiseaux.  I am also considering buying these from Zazzle because they are very art deco. Do you think some of the free ones are better than this? Please share your opinion! I am stuck.

love, Sarah

DIY: Change Your Bathroom Faucet

bathroom faucet

Top right is the old faucet, remaining photos are the new one.

We did this project a few weeks ago all by ourselves! It was not the easiest home DIY, but it really made a big impact on our little bathroom.

We bought the faucet at Lowes. It is by Glacier Bay called the Teacup Bath Faucet for only $36. I have included the actual video we used as our guide. I just love that we can do DIY home projects by accessing YouTube and not having to call my dad.

What I learned from this is that having a pedastel sink makes changing the hoses lines a bitch! I ended up doing most of the tightening because my fiance’s hand couldn’t fit.  When you have a normal sink with cabinets it is much easier to gain access  to the supply lines. Did you even know there are little hoses that connect the water from the pipes to the faucet? As you can see, I am a super beginner but I did it! It isn’t leaking and it looks all vintage and cute.

So, some tips we learned along the way:

  • Have lots of rags. It look us a few times to get the faucet working without leaks from the hose lines. We made a mess!
  • Use hose lines that have easy to tighten ends. I am not using the correct terms here, but the ones we had were metal and we had to tighten them with a wrench to connect to the pipes. This is why the pedastel sink was such a bitch! It is very hard to get a wrench into a place your fingers can barely fit. In the end, I ended up hand tightening them. OUCH. They have ones with plastic connections that are really easy to tighten by hand and secure.
  • Spend the extra $1 on plumber’s putty that is is stain-free. The old faucet was definitly held in place with a cheaper plumber’s putty and it took us a long time to clean it up.
  • It will probably take 2 hours more than you anticipated and result in a few fights with your partner. In the end, your bathroom will look brand new for under $50 with a bit of time and sweat!

love, Sarah

How To: “We Are Getting Married” Photo Booth


We opted out of the engagement photos for a fun photo booth wedding announcement. Nothing against engagement photos, but I just could not see us looking longingly into each other eyes while holding little signs that say, “I DO.” I am sure our wedding day will have enough corniness for our lifetime together. We love having fun and being ridiculous, so this fit us as a couple much better. Maybe this could be a fun alternative for some of you? Or just plain motivation to take some fun photo booth pictures!


For the Great Gatsby theme – Download Sea Side PDF Here: MarriedSeaSide

Married Sea Side

For the alternative types – Download Quiet Scream PDF here: MarriedQuietScream

Married Quiet Scream

For the artistic types – Download Sketch Rockwell PDF Here: MarriedSketchRockwell

Married Rockwell

For the architects out there – Download Caitlyn PDF here: MarriedCaitlyn

Married Caitlin


  • Thick stock paper to print the signs on or poster board.
  • Signs! Make your own or use one of my templates above.
  • If you go the poster board look, you will need double sided tape to secure the signs on the poster board.
  • Props – we used glasses, sunglasses, and hats.
  • About $10-$15 to blow.
  • Patience while you find a photo booth that works!


  1. Locate a photo booth. We knew of one at an old fashion diner from my childhood. We drove 30 minutes, prepped with our props, walked up to the booth and … it was out of order. UGH! In the end, we tried 4 different places to locate a photo booth. We really wanted to use an old fashioned, film only photo booth. In the end we ended up in a Mall photo booth that has themes like “BFF” and “Friends with Benefits.” The one neat thing about this is the video that came along with it! Not sure if I will post it here, it’s a total mess but a fun way to document a wedding prep memory. Gross thing to note, when we walked up to the photo booth there was a teenage couple making out in it. Oh, the mall.
  2. Be prepared to do several photo shoots. It was so fun doing the pictures and then cracking up at the stupid [and ugly] faces that were made. We did three different photo shoots, and the first one we didn’t realize it was taking a picture. Check out the blooper reel at the end.
  3. Have fun! Enough said.
  4. Scan and edit the photo strip. The photo booth we went to was a very social media and digital image friendly booth, but we still used the photos and made a collage of the best by cutting and scanning.
  5. Put on your wedding website or email out to friends the digital versions. We are actually giving our parents one of the strips and keeping the other for ourselves.



Bloopers from our first go at the photo booth.

I hope you enjoyed this engagement picture alternative for those unconventional couples like us!

love, Sarah