Sneak Peak at Wedding Photos


Thank You Card design, Inspired Lines: White, from Wedding Paper Divas

Consider this the wedding photo nip-slip.

Scott and I finally had a few hours to sit together and look at our 500+ wedding pictures from Gaby J. Photography (located in Las Vegas). We are so happy with our pictures! If you don’t already know, we had a very intimate Great Gatsby themed wedding in Las Vegas, NV and it was seriously the best wedding I could have ever asked for. Looking at the pictures made me want to do it all over again!

Get ready to be flooded with wedding-centric posts. I have been waiting for our fabulous photos before I share all of our DIYs, non-DIYs, book/Great Gatsby inspired design choices, and wedding lessons learned. Don’t worry, I will try to spread it out as I know not everyone who subscribes gives a flying fuck about my wedding!

love, Sarah

PS: Sorry to blow the thank you card surprise my wonderful friends! Just act surprised when you get it in the mail…


Deco Wedding Invitations

wedding invite + art deco

Here is a peak at our wedding invitations! They are from the online retailer Paper Wedding Divas called Deco Dreams. I added the glitter on the main invitation for a little gitz and glam to reflect our Gatsby theme.  Also, note the Gatsby quote on the back of the RSVP card!

I love her and that’s the beginning and end of everything.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby

Thank you to my great friend, and skilled photographer, Lauryn Ann for the surprise photograph! Check out her work here.

love, Sarah

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding Inspiration (Part 1)

Since we are having a Las Vegas wedding, a theme felt appropriate! We thought about the traditional Elvis themed wedding, I fought for a Harry potter themed wedding like this one, but in the end we happily agreed on the theme Great Gatsby – Roaring 20’s. This is a pretty trendy wedding theme at the moment and you can see why. The style is timeless, the book is making a resurgence with the release of the movie, and the fashion is to die for.

I have picked out my favorite Great Gatsby inspirations to share with you. Note: this is a two-part post because I just have too much inspiration to share! See Part 2 here.


Ashley-House-Shoot-Love-NotesA typewriter as a guest book [or simply a fun prop]. One Fab Day image source.

original_little-vintage-hearts-framed-pictureThis could easily be a DIY. Idea from

Guest book alternative Custom flowers and Birds shabby vintage  Large

From the Etsy store 0 Names Left, I plan to make a guest book from an actual book! Another DIY.


100% doing Polaroid guest book. Should be fun for us and the guests.  Image source.



Personal Gatsby souvenir for favors? Done. Image source.

276056652128589502_nwJTYF5b_cOn each guests’ seat, a little personal champagne! Or right after the ceremony each guest can pop the cork! Image source.

retro-wedding-ideas-inspiration-grooms-bow-ties-signature-wedding-reception-drinks_0.originalLove the idea of giving each male guest a bow-tie! Image from One Wed.


DIY Gatsby boxes for favors! Link to directions, right here. I think I am going to put confetti in these boxes for below…

KATE-SPADE-TWIRL-DAY-1-4706-500x333 Gold confetti, very Gatsby. Image source unknown.

CEREMONY love this look for the ceremony and the fabric on the ground. Image source.

Photo by Allan ZepedaThe gold and white flowers! I think this would look gorgeous for a ceremony. Image from Engage!13.



This table cloth is decadent. Those gold accents and feathers really make the theme. Image source from One Wed.

Gatsby dinner

Gatsby folding screen? A possible DIY. Image source.

Love the black wine glassesI love the idea of black wine glasses. Image from Martha Stewart Weddings.

wedins_styleunveiled_amore_greatgatsby_partii_006Get a champagne fountain going with “Time to Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table.” Image Source.

7fb0472d18991b266d13053c2fbaa12aThat little booklet is a menu! Another easy DIY, and fitting with the literary theme. Image source unknown.


Screen-shot-2013-05-29-at-1.45.53-PMA beautiful art deco cake. Image source a first class wedding.

mwd104972_fall09_decocake_045comp_hd Art Deco white on white. Image source Martha Stewart Weddings.

My favorite cake by far. Image source.

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love, Sarah