Britney Spears Wednesday — Since Jay-Z Loves Toxic

This may be old news, but Jay-Z recently announced to the twitter world he was not only a fan of Britney Spears, but his favorite song is “Toxic.” DUH! “Toxic” is AAAMMAZING. This is also my fiance’s favorite song of hers. I am extremely proud that Britney is getting the credit she deserves from the hip-hop King.

I like Jay-Z, but lately I have been really disappointed in his music . I love his “99 Problem” days, but feel his new stuff has terrible rhymes; his flow isn’t really what it use to be. Needless to say, this openness about his love for Britney Spears has made him my favorite person.  I have bought a ticket for the I am on the Jay-Z train.

Enjoy some of magically pop gold that is “Toxic”