How to be Your Own Editor with Natural Reader

I was introduced to Natural Reader through my job working with students with disabilities. It is a great tool that reads text aloud.  Why this program is aaamazing is because it is (1) free (2) easy to use (3) can be used in multiple ways aside from just reading text.  This is what I discovered and it LITERALLY changed my writing life and helped me overcome my ADHD.

Here is a long, but educational, tutorial that explains exactly how Natural Reader works.  If you are like me, you wont actually click on this tutorial and will just fumble your way through the program. Let me explain quickly how it works:  It works by copying and pasting text into the reader — this allows it to be read aloud. You can’t open files in Natural Reader, it only works with copying and pasting.  Once you have text, you can control the speed and voice of the robot voice.  It also kindly highlights the words as you read which allows for better concentration and focus.

How I use it as an editor is a bit different than how others use it to read.  I first began using Natural Reader when I was writing my Master’s thesis draft.  My writing was littered with stupid grammar errors like “visual resource are a growing need in libraries” which should have been “visual resources are a growing need in libraries.” This has always been my biggest hurdle to overcome when writing… I make stupid ass mistakes and when I read it in my head I totally read the words as I meant to write it rather than how it is written.  How I use Natural Reader is to edit my own work: I write in Word and then copy it into the Natural Reader program. There I can hear the errors in my writing I was unable to see. This does add hours to my editing process, but it improves my writing and gives me the confidence I needed to continue on.

Click here to download Natural Reader. It will save your educational and professional life! Yes, I love it that much. I have seen it do wonders for students.

love, Sarah