How to tell people they aren’t invited to your wedding…

We are in the heart of wedding planning at the moment. The first thing we decided was to have a very “intimate” wedding with only parents, siblings, and oldest friends. This decision was easy because Scott and I both have large families and I was not about to ask my parents to dish out $70,000 for a 150 person wedding. It was either all or small, and we decided on the small.

Now, telling people you are getting married but they aren’t invited is really awkward. I reached out to my favorite wedding blog Off-Beat Brides and found this gem of a story on 10 blunt-but-loving ways to tell people they are not invited to your wedding.  All good advice, but in the end my parents, Scott’s parents, and I decided we would throw a very casual (and cheap) shin-dig for family in our respective locations across the country. Think of it as a reception tour!party

Honestly, this is the best thing you can do if you decide to throw a small wedding. When I called my aunt and uncle I was able to say, “We are getting married and are having a really small ceremony in Las Vegas with only about 10 people [fibbed a little here, more like 15].  But we are having a fun party in the Spring of 2014 to celebrate our wedding and we hope you can attend! We will send out more information later.”  To be honest, no one seemed to care and we have everyone’s support. We have the green light for our small Great Gatsby themed Las Vegas Wedding.  So much fun research to share!

Random funny story:

I called my 90 year old grandmother to tell her Scott and I were getting married. Her response was classic,

“Oh honey. I am so happy for you. That is just wonderful news. Are you pregnant?”

love, Sarah